This past Friday was a big day for Violet Peacock. It was the culmination of about 3 months of planning and hard work. I was asked, back in February (I think) if I would like to be part of the “Be An Angel” Awards 2011. Be An Angel is a charity that raises money and works with children who have multiple disabilities. A great organization and one which I was honored to work with. We decided that Violet Peacock would auction off a custom made hat for the event, but rather than a specific hat, the auction would be for the chance to have a one on one design consultation with VP and have their hat custom designed to their exact specifications. A pretty cool auction!

I also was given the chance to have a table of my hats on show at the event, and I decided to use this as an opportunity to work on my very first millinery collection. I had wanted to work on one, and this gave me all the impetus that I needed.


1930's Hood Ornament

1930's Hood Ornament


I was inspired by the 1930’s car hood 1930’s Hood Ornaments, especially “Spirit of the Wind” and worked on making a collection with this inspiration in mind. I worked with a lot of metallics, grays, whites and silvers, mingled in with jewels, beaded lace and feathers for a feeling of opulence, and acceleration. The working name for my collection at the moment is “Velocity”.



I had decided that the BAA event, while not the ideal place to formally launch my collection, would be a great place to give a “sneak peek” of the initially few pieces, and get some feedback.

BAA Table

Violet Peacock's Table at the Be An Angel Auction

It was great market research; I was surprised by which pieces people were drawn to, and which pieces were mostly ignored. This won’t change my direction, per say, but I do seem to have a split of pieces that people will wear, and pieces that are more editorial in nature, which is never a bad thing.

It was also nice to talk to people about my work, and get business cards into hands. I also managed to get a lot of bids on my auction for the BAA silent auction, and I think the winning bid was around $300, with around 11 bids, which was great! I can’t wait to start working on the piece with the winner.

All in all, it’s been a hectic few months, with a bit of stress but the final products were defiantly worth it, and the BAA event was a great incentive to get my first collection pulled together.

I will be working on putting together a more VP-centric launch event this summer, and am still working out what format that will take. One of my previous posts received some great comments and ideas, which I’m processing. Calling in favors and friends has never been one of my stronger suits, but I’m hopeful that I can give this collection the “Huzzah” that it deserves. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to help, or be part of this.

No that this event is over, I’m going to carry on with my collection, albeit at a slightly less frantic pace, and also take some time to recover from my upcoming surgery next week. Looking forward to watching the huge amounts of TV show box sets that I have been saving for months.