A few weeks ago, I sold one of my fascinators to a Houston local lady, Isabel to wear to a local hat event “Hats in the Park” luncheon in aid of the Herman Park Conservancy. This was a big-deal sale for me, as it was only my second ever sale to a complete stranger, and more so, said stranger had found me via searching, so my “getting out there” seemed to be working.

Yesterday Isabel emailed me to send me a copy of an online article by Culturemap Houston featuring a photo of her in my fascinator! I was thrilled, it’s a great article and seeing your work in print is like nothing else.

As if that wasn’t enough, a friend of mine emailed me to say she had seen my name in the local paper, the Houston Chronicle, and did I know? No I didn’t know, so off we went searching for a copy of the paper. Lo and behold, in the Society section, there is another article about the event, and I was the only milliner mentioned by name in the article!

Two articles featuring Violet Peacock in one day! Not bad going. I’m very grateful for clients who are willing to help me establish my business by giving out my details to people, especially if they happen to be journalists!

Read the full Culturemap article, written by Shelby Hodge, .

The Houston Chronicle article, written by Lindsey Love (What a great name) is not yet on their website, but I will post it should it appear .

Photo kindly provided by © Michelle Watson/CatchlightGroup.com