For some time now, I have been working on my first collection of hats and fascinators. I have been keeping my head down and trying not to post too many “spoilers”, something I’m often guilty of. I am working really hard and “really” want this collection to be successful, artistically as well as commercially.

I’m starting to think of how to market or “launch” this collection and I’m really unsure of how best to do it. I have put a lot of time, effort, not to mention cash into this collection and I really want to give it the best possible exposure when I do finally release it. I want people to see these pieces, in a way that means they cannot avoid them. I want to say “This is Violet Peacock; this is what I have chosen to do”. Should I have a launch party? A runway event? Just an online photo release? Does anyone even care? I have a couple of events coming up, one in a few weeks, and a market event in September. Should I use either of those events as a launch pad, even though neither is really focused on Violet Peacock/hats?

I love what I do, and this collection is pretty much the best work I have ever produced, it feels like nothing will be good enough for my “Baby”.

So, I end this blog post with a request, for ideas, strategies, business advice, marketing tricks; anything and everything. I want to present this work to my very best ability, and show y’all how far Violet Peacock has come!