Spiked Mohawk / Dinosaur Headpiece

This truly original design by Violet Peacock is a play on the traditional idea of punk mohawks, given an unexpected and colorful millinery twist. A solid buckram/wire base, steamed and blocked to sit comfortably on the head was then covered in layers of purple sinamay straw. Further layers of sinamay were rolled to form 5 individual spikes and hand-sewn to the base, with each spike being topped off by a metallic filagree cone. The sinamay in this piece has purposefully been allowed to slightly “fray” to add to the overall punk design.

The “Mohawk” is designed with an attached headband, plus additional small elastic loops to allow you to secure it further with bobby pins. 

This unique and artistic creation seems to transform its wearers into *Punk Mohawk-Wearing Dinosaurs*, complete with *RAWR* noises, and has even spawned its own *RAWR* pin-badge so be warned! Wearing this piece is guaranteed to make you the center of attention, whether it be at a Costumed event, Theatrical performance, or just a good old fashioned Rockabilly Party! 
For added fun/danger, the spikes double as an effective weapon, should the need arise



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