The Houston Press today published the next installment in their “100 Creatives in 2013” series; Violet Peacock!

100 Creatives 2013: Lindsay Halpin, Punk Rock Mad Hatter

To be listed, first of all, as a “Creative” of any kind in a publication is an honor, all Press is good for business, but to be included in such a prestigious list as this, alongside other such creatives is actually quite humbling to me. I always find it difficult to accept serious praise when its directed in my direction, I tend to deflect it, or make fun of myself (check out Facebook to see how good I am at it today) but honestly, I am still so surprised when people tell me they like my work, and consider what I do to be something special. I do expect that this fantastic bubble I live in to somehow burst at some point and that I will have to go back to living in “real life”, something I don’t want to do.

The article, written by Jef Withonef  is pretty fantastic, funny, realistic to who I am and something I am very proud to be associated with. The photos include are some of my favorites taken by Mauro Luna and Monica Kressman. All in all, a very positive experience, one I hope will bring more business my way. Which, by the way, you can help with by buying my work via my STORE. After all, how can I create more until I have more space?

Violet Peacock