The blog has been a bit  quiet recently, I apologise to all those hanging around waiting for me to post with baited breath..what? No one reads my blog? Well, thats just rubbish…


Anyway, to the 1.5 people who may read this blog, I haven’t fallen from the face of the earth. I have mearly been slightly caught up in the throes of making my first millinery collection. Between panicing, stressing, buying materials, feeling guilty, buying more materials, sketching, re sketching and a bit more stressing, the past few weeks have flown by.


I have about a month to pull this collection together. It is the most ambitious project I have ever undertaken, but so far I am enjoying the process. From idea, to sketch to finished product, everything so far is turning out exactly how I want it to. Yay!


I hate posts without photos, so this is a little snapshot of my day in the studio..


If you follow me on Twitter, you will often find that I post little snaps of current projects..


Violet Peacock