I need to write a blog post. It’s been just over a week since this site went “live” and it’s all been a bit amazing. I don’t have a good history of maintaining a blog, but I’m hoping this time will be “The One” (5th time’s the charm, right?)

I feel like I have so much to write on here to help you all “catch up” with how I got to this point, so many different experiences, over the last 4 years that have helped me to get to where I am right now.  It feels weird to need to write about things that have already happened but I do want to share these with you. I just don’t really know where to start.

I’m slightly overwhelmed at the moment, I’ll admit, with lots of potential projects on the go, and my brain buzzing in a 100 different directions. It’s a great feeling, but it’s also a bit terrifying at times. I never imagined 6 or so months ago that I would be in this position. I owe a lot to my friend Gilbert, who has taken the (considerable) time to teach me all he knows about millinery and help me get to where I am today. Without him, I still think I would be lost in the fashion world, not knowing where my direction lay, so thank you Gilbert, I really appreciate everything you have done for me (he is so going to hate me for writing this).

Anyway, I think that’s enough reflecting about stuff. I will endeavor to make the rest of my posts much more interesting than this one.

If you have anything you would like to hear about in future blog posts, please leave a comment.

Violet Peacock

Ps Photo of my lovely Chanel Momuji doll, just because!