“Violet Peacock teaches a new generation of Houstonians how to look fantastic in a hat”. Sarah Gabbart.

While vending at last months “Houston Vintage Day Market” I met Sarah Gabbart, a writer for Houstonia Magazine who was covering the event and we had a lovely chat about Violet Peacock, our involvement with Houston Vintage & Hats! We exchanged details with Sarah promising to get in touch to discuss writing a feature article on Violet Peacock.

Fast forward to today, and Voila! Violet Peacock is currently being featured on Houstonia Magazine’s “Shop Talk” blog, in a piece entitled

“Violet Peacock & the (Not So) Lost Art of Millinery”

I think everyone is quite aware of how reluctant I am to talk about myself, let alone allow a photograph of myself to see the light of day, but somehow Sarah managed to ask me some really insightful questions that I enjoyed answering, and I think the article is wonderful!

I consider myself very lucky to have the support of so many people in the local artistic community. To have the Houston community as a whole not only aware of what I do, but to be actively supporting it, and seeking out my work is, quick honestly, humbling. I have to keep pinching my self sometimes, to remind myself that it is, indeed, real.

Violet Peacock Model

Violet Peacock Models


I do work very hard at what I do, I wont deny that, but I do know that if it wasn’t for people like Sarah, taking notice of a small independent designer & choosing to support through writing , or the lovely friends who model for me like Stephanie & Lady, Al E Cat.

Or the photographers who go out of their way to ensure I have amazing photos of my work like Monica Kressman, Mauro Luna, Walter Rodriguez (who gets extra points for obtaining the only photo of the elusive Violet Peacock to get the VP stamp of approval) & Jesus Tirso of Decca Photography (the models/photographers featured in the article).

I know if it wasn’t for these people, it wouldn’t matter how hard I worked, I wouldn’t be able to achieve any level of success on my own. I am grateful for these supporters every single day.

Thank You All.

Violet Peacock