So, along with approximately 7 billion other people this January, I am trying to blog more now that 2012 has arrived. I admit it, I have been a lax blogger, although I have a few genuine reasons for that, namely that I spent most of December having and then recovering from major spinal surgery (an Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion and Plating in my neck, if you want to be technical). I didnt want to write much about this problem on my blog, trying to keep it just to Violet Peacock and Hat-related topics, but obviously a surgery of this kind was bound to interupt my work.

During the latter part of 2011, I started to have major issues with my neck, spreading to my arms and legs. I then started to have numbness in my left arm, then leg, and an MRI confirmed that I had 2 discs (as I understand it) pressing onto my spinal cord/nerves. I was also diagnosed with Osteo-arthritus, Scoliosis, Lordosis and Degenerative Disc Disease. Note, I NEVER do things by halves.

I was lucky to be under the care of an amazing doctor, who sent me to one of the best Neuro Surgeon in the city, if not the US. He recommended surgery to fix the issue before it worsened, and while I was still young enough to recover well. With what I do for a living, not being able to use my hands properly, or bend my neck was not an option, so I decided to go for the surgery.

Im so happy to be able say that the surgery went well, and my recovery has been nothing short of amazing. On waking from the surgery, I was already able to notice a difference and was back on my feet and discharged after just one night. Its been about 5 weeks now, since the surgery, and I am almost fully back to normal. Actually, thats a lie, I honestly havent felt this good, this strong in years. Its been utterly life changing for me. I still smile every-time I open a door with my left hand, or pick up my cup of tea.


I have been cleared to start sewing again, and I’m beyond happy, its been tough not being able to do what I love. I have to still take it easy, rest, and try not to strain my neck too much but I can live with that. I still have a way to go with recovering, my left hand still feels a little alien to me when im sewing, like its learning how to work properly again, but in the long run, its a small price to pay and with physiotherapy and time, that will be gone too!

So, this post contains nothing about hats so far, and for that I apologize, but hey, if the 3 1/2  people who read this blog have an issue with that, they can feel free to tell me. Lol!

Ok, to appease the massive Violet Peacock fan-base, my next post will be a round up of what Violet Peacock has been up to for the last few months. Its been a great time, with magazine articles, covers and more!

Thanks for supporting me


Violet Peacock