Welcome to Violet Peacock

Unique, hand-crafted millinery with a brit-punk edge


You will not find Violet Peacock designs anywhere else. Every piece is painstakingly thought out, sketched and then created using the best materials.


All Violet Peacock hats, headpieces and fascinators are handmade using traditional millinery techniques. This results in an amazing level of quality.


The art of millinery is alive and well at Violet Peacock. Not only do we make fantastic headpieces but we also advise on styling and how to wear them.


Being English, Violet Peacock draws inspiration from edgy British fashion trends while maintaining a strong link to classic millinery traditions.

Violet Peacock Wants To Hear From You

Connect with Violet Peacock via our social media pages, look for us at shows and events or send us a message and let’s start designing a custom headpiece for you today.
Her hats are one-of-a-kind works of art — PLUS, they’re wearable! What a perfect gift for someone with “hattitude” Beautifully tailored, reasonably priced and she was a joy to work with. Highly recommend checking out all her creations.
Merideth M.

I received 2 of Violet Peacock’s creations for Christmas and absolutely love them. They are easy to wear and dress up any look!
Betty G.

I cannot usually wear a hat due to my small head. I love the Fascinator that I purchased from Violet Peacock. I feel I could wear it to many an occasion. It is very flattering and I receive a lot of complements. 
Lin R.